Web-Based Software

ICS specialize in start-of-the-art website access to our customer's systems. Whether you have SWDs, brine / freshwater systems, or other types of facility, ICS deliver all functionality via nothing more than your web browser.

Web Based

For you this means:

  • no software to install
  • no maintenance updates to deal with (and no RRC updates or downloads to buy and install)
  • secure access to your systems from any computer or suitable smartphone with an internet connection.
  • if you have multiple systems, or intent to build more in the future, access to your systems from the same web site.

ICS website access is not an add-on, or after-thought. It's been at the core of our business – since we started out in 2005. Let's look at some of the features that come as standard when you automate a facility with us.


Whether you have one facility, or 100 in 5 different regions, the summary pages show you the key indicators to let you know how your systems are doing. In this example, 11 systems are automated, and by scanning down the list this customer can easily see which sites have an issue. Alarm count, key tank levels, and summary MTD barrel counts are all here.

Are you interested in software for SWD P18 / Form 16 reporting and invoicing without a physical automation system in the field? Click here.

Status and Alarms

Want to take a closer look at the status of a particular facility? No problem. Our status and alarms pages provide you with the ability to view tank levels, pump pressures, and status of your lines. You can even see who is using the lines at your facility at the time. Real-time polling is standard with ICS, with no charge-per-poll or usage limits. Poll your system(s) as often as you wish, to get up-to-the-second data.

We also offer a comprehensive alarm system that can alert you on your cell when an alarm occurs or clears at one of your facilities.

Remote Control

When you need to change the operation of your system, for example to change the tank level at which a pump turns on or off, or to shut your system down due to bad weather concerns, or for maintenance, ICS makes it easy. No need to call your automation company, or even go out to the site. You can make those changes from the office or on the road; the change is made immediately at your system 1.

Driver Ticket Management

ICS has developed a comprehensive ticketing system which captures tickets entered by drivers at your site, and then provides access to them online. Our ticket system manages your tickets from point of entry in the field all the way through to P18 / Form 16 generation, invoicing and Oil Allocation letter generation. Our data shows that up to 80% of tickets entered by drivers at our sites need no modification in the office to be P18 / Form 16 ready.

Easy Start-Up

ICS already has a huge database of trucking companies, and thousands of drivers whose names are in the system, and who have already been assigned codes. These trucking companies and drivers will already be available to you for use with your systems. This makes startup easy.

Adding additional trucking companies and driver codes is easy via our intuitive and easy to learn web pages. Once all your codes are in place, it's easy to authorize a code, or authorize all codes for a trucking company, for one, or all your systems with a few mouse clicks. You can even welcome your new drivers with a show-once message when they first use one of your systems.

Note that no driver can access any of your systems before you explicitly authorize that code.


1 internet connectivity at the site is required

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