Touch-Screen Systems

ICS is expert at delivering reliable touch screen systems that make it easy for drivers to enter ticket information in an effective, consistent way.

Touch Screen

When you install an ICS touch screen system you get:

  • A rugged 15inch color touch screen system which is highly responsive and suited to harsh environments
  • Tried-and-tested driver entry screens for driver ticket capture, complete with RRC / NDIC lease search functionality.
  • Password – protected owner administration for your site
  • Report-A-Problem feature which allows drivers to report problems such as noting water on the ground – messages are routed to you via text to your cell phone.


Availability of your site

The main screen that drivers see when they approach to enter the ticket shows the availability of the lines on your site. If your tank levels are too high, the lines become unavailable. Drivers cannot physically start the offload, and that means the risk of overflowing your offload tanks is dramatically reduced.


Clear Driver Screens

Using feedback from drivers over the years, we have developed a sequence of driver screens that are clear and easy for drivers to use with no training. Many drivers in the field have used our systems before, and are already familiar with the system, making start-up even easier. Ticket entry screens capture key ticket information such as

  • Driver Code
  • Qty in bbls
  • Truck or vessel number
  • Lease information


Lease or Well Search – In the Field!

Our advanced touch screen systems offer real time lease searching in the field. Drivers can search for their lease using lease or well name or number. Searches are fast and use the latest RRC or NDIC data.

ICS has also developed a "My Recent Leases" system which lists recent leases for drivers making it easier for drivers to pick the correct lease from a list when they have recently hauled from that lease before. This advanced feature comes as standard with all our touch screens.

Increasing Ticket Accuracy

Our touch screen systems do not allow drivers to skip screens, or to type in data which makes no sense. We provide drivers with clear screens when an entry does not validate.

Our advanced ticket validation system, along with the My Recent Leases function mean that up to 80% of tickets need no attention from office staff to be P18 / Form-16 ready.

Administering your site

In addition to driver ticket entry, your touch screen will also allow you to locally administer your site. From our password protected administration screens, you can

  • View tank levels, pump pressures, etc
  • View status of your alarms
  • Change configuration of your system, for example, change the level at which a pump will turn on and off.
  • Get a list of available driver codes authorized to use your system

These functions are provided as standard, so you don't have to call your automation company when you want to make a change. ICS has implemented a robust configuration synchronization mechanism - changes to configuration made at the touch screen are reflected immediately on the website, and vice-versa.

Quality and Reliability

We understand the harsh environments our systems need to work in. We also understand the cost implications of a system that is down. That's why we use best-in-class components in our systems, including touch screens that are IP65 sealed from the front of the panel, and designed to work in extended temperature conditions.

We lock our systems down to prevent installation of malicious software, inappropriate web site access, and to virtually eliminate the risk of computer viruses. We also have a remote maintenance backbone that allows us to remotely diagnose problems, and to detect potential problems like high system temperature or component failure early on.

All these features help us to achieve high uptime for our customers' critical operations.

When the internet is down

At some point, it is inevitable that there will be a loss of communication at your site. It may happen temporarily due to extreme weather, or because your internet provider has a temporary problem causing an outage.

ICS Touch Screen systems have been designed with this in mind. The result is that your system will continue to function normally in the field, even in the presence of an internet outage. Existing drivers will still be able to use their codes, pumps will still run, and tank levels will still be locally monitored so that lines will be disabled when tank levels get too high.

And when the internet connection is restored, all the driver tickets that have been entered during the outage will be automatically sent to our servers so that the tickets may be viewed online. For a typical outage of a few hours, you probably won't even know it happened.

This is just one example of the robust engineering that goes in to our touch screen systems.

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