System Overview

We have automated many SWDs and Water Stations for Basic Energy Services over several years. This is a case study of one of these SWDs.


Site Control

Tank level and pump pressure sensors were installed which continually monitor the levels in the tanks and pump pressures at this site. Control lines for actuated valves at the truck station were also run, as well as pump control lines for the transfer and injection pumps.

A control panel monitors these levels and pressures, takes care of running the pumps based on tank levels, and opens and closes the truck lines as needed. Our control panels are compact, built to professional standards, and can include room for expansion to cater for future tanks or pumps.


Driver Touch Screen

Drivers like ICS! Inside the hut is a touch screen that provides drivers with a sequence of screens that take them through entering each disposal ticket step by step. Many iterations of our driver interfaces based on feedback from drivers themselves since 2005 has resulted in a system that drivers can use easily and effectively.



Drivers are authorized by code or card, and that means your system is immediately locked down from unauthorized use. Why go out to the site to block someone if you can do it from your smart phone? With ICS this feature comes as standard.


This system is connected to the internet by satellite dish, and we support many types of connection, such as Satellite, DSL, Cable, Cellular, etc.

This connection means that Basic can track, monitor and control this system without even leaving the office. Click here to learn how.

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