About Integrated Control Solutions

Integrated Control Solutions (ICS) is a solutions provider. Our key strength is that we have extensive in-house operations, in-the-field experience combined with broad engineering experience spanning electronic systems and embedded industrial software through enterprise-level software of the type written for large transactional systems used by financial companies.


This winning combination enables us to understand your needs as an operator from an in-the-field AND back office viewpoint, then develop and deliver end-to-end solutions which work for you.

ICS' partners are also SWD owners. In fact, ICS was born in 2005, out of the need for an automation system that worked in the field and the office. Our systems have been fully developed, evaluated and tested on our own SWD facilities. Hundreds of new features have been added since then as a result of the experience we gained using our own systems in the field. The result? Systems which actually work well in practice.

ICS always engineer our systems from the standpoint of the operator. We are operators ourselves, so we know the issues you face. If you are ready to take your automation to a new level, Request a Quote.

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