Industry Leader

No one knows SWD Automation like ICS. Have 1 SWD or 100? We got you covered. We offer a scalable, end-to-end solution, right from the sensors in the field to tank levels displayed on your phone, tablet or office computer.

Our SWD Automation product line is thoroughly tested, and already in use at 100s of SWDs.

ICS always engineer our systems from the standpoint of the operator. Whether you are interested in automating a single SWD, or have multiple SWDs and are trying to manage them from a central location, this is the product line you need.

Contact us today to talk about your SWD needs.

Cellphone / Web / Onsite


Easily access your facilities from any PC or Mac; from the office, home or anywhere else with an internet-connected computer.

There is no software for you to install, no updates or maintenance packages for you to deal with. Our software is accessed using just your web browser.

Features at a Glance

  • View Status of your Sites from anywhere
  • Text Message Alarm System
  • Remote System Configuration
  • Remote System Control
  • Instant Control Over Driver Access
  • Remote Access to Driver Tickets
  • RRC / NDIC Approved Reporting System for P18 / Form 16/16A and Oil Allocation Letters
  • Accounting System for Trucking Company Invoices